This is Chapter 2 from the manga series, Namaikizakari.

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Narration: “It’s alright. I’m always very calm. *recalls Shou kissing her and says that he has fallen for her* That thing *<- kiss which is the most important part* is like being directly attacked by a troublesome kouhai and that accident happened. It is absolutely not some kiss or anything- I don’t have time to go and care about that kind of joke.” While walking at the school’s hallway, Yuki is thinking about the things she has to do for today’s practice – the coach is coming so she has to move the chairs, she is going to wash the towels during attack-defense practice, plan the contents of the new practice, a new captain has already been chosen – so today, she can put her whole heart and effort into the club.. A girl bumps into her. It is ponytail [fan]girl who apologizes to her. While Yuki says that it is alright, she thinks that he has appeared. Ponytailed girl is with Shou and another blackhaired girl. Shou says, “Yuki-senpai, you also have such a serious face today so early in the morning.” Black haired girl says, ‘Yuki-senpai’. The girls shout that it is that person who shouted out loud during the game, that ‘spank your butt’ person. Yuki just walks away with hopes that they forget about that. Shou just glances at her. Narration: “Everything is the same. Everything is the same. It is alright. There’s no need to be concerned. That kind of confession is definitely just a joke, that’s all.” Flashback: After Shou confessed, Yuki said, “..wait, before that, apologize to me for you just..” Shou replied that it is nothing, and he also didn’t put in his tongue. Yuki said how could she make him put his tongue in and is he putting on airs, and is there also a plan in pulling a prank. Shou darkly asks, “.. ‘prank’?” Ponytail girl and a wavy haired girl arrive and shout that they watched the game and is his foot alright, quickly go to the hospital. The two girls grab Shou who asks if they are also coming. They say that they are worried so quickly go. And, Yuki wipes her lips. Narration: “That’s right. It’s impossible that he’s sincere. Naruse is just fooling around with me. That’s all--” End flashback. Pfft! Yuki calls for everyone to assemble. Glasses guy stand in front and says that he thinks that everyone has properly rested after the competition and because the third years had retired, it caused a decrease in their strength so today on, they will start to steadily practice. He apologizes for late in saying it but he’s the new captain, Tonomura [guesswork from 殿村]. The others applaud. Tonomura asks if Yuki is going to add something. Yuki says that it is nothing, and it is just like what he said, and everyone do your best.

The nervous guys shouts, “Yes!” for they are afraid of her since they are going to get their butts spanked <- first years who watched the game and couldn’t forget what happened. Yuki thinks that for them to have a new captain, Kido has really ‘retired’. She recalls how Kido joked to her that he is going to recommend her as the next captain. Yuki thinks no, she should already release that thing regarding Kido before his retiring [last] game. She reprimands herself for being stupid for always not being getting it through, right now, the third years had retired and they, the second years have to pull themselves together or else— “So, I shouldn’t fool around this kind of person” -> Shou asks her, “Senpai, do you still like the captain?” Serious Yuki glances at him while holding her strengthening plan notebook for the club. She tells him to quickly practice for his foot injury is already well that he can be in charge of picking up the balls. Shou whines that he’s fed up with it. She asks if he is an elementary kid. Shou says that she is thinking of a new plan at one side and washing towels at another side, she’s really capable when obviously Captain Kido is no longer around. Yuki says that even if he isn’t around, this is her work and for her, the basketball team is very important and this hasn’t change a bit. She thinks that this place has memories of Kido-senpai. Shou glances at her and suddenly kisses her on the cheek. Yuki thinks that she’s careless. Holding her cheek, she tells him if he doesn’t pay a bit attention, she is going to arrange a devilish plan for him. Shou says that it is because she totally wasn’t thinking of him when he obviously said that ‘I’ve fallen for you’. [<- Ah, in Chinese, he literally said, ‘I came to like you’ which doesn’t sound so nice in English so here, what he said is ‘like you’ but for continuity’s sake, it is still ‘fallen for you’.] Yuki lectures him that if he really likes her, he couldn’t possibly just casually touch her like this. “One’s heart would beat continuously but there also a bit of pain[/bitterness]. Do you understand that kind of feeling? And, I basically don’t feel the feeling that you like me. You are only just teasing and fooling around with me, that’s all, right!?” Shou asks, “Then, when you and the captain are together, your heart beats continuously but there is a bit of pain?” Yuki says that’s right? Then, she thinks that this is bad, she got pulled by the nose again by him. “I shouldn’t just say what shouldn’t be said. Calm..calm down. *nervous* Calm down..!!” Yuki goes ‘ha?’ when Shou says, “Annoying to death.”

During lunch, Yuki’s friends call out to her and ask if she is going to drink all of that milk. Putting the straw in the fourth milk carton, Yuki says that’s she wants to ingest calcium. [<- low calcium = irritability] Her friend says that her stomach would be filled with liquid. Yuki thinks that it is no good. “Perhaps, since I was born, this is the first time I’m so irritated up to this degree.. You can also say that there is max[imum] pressure. ‘Annoying to death’ refers to, what does ‘annoying to death’ refers to!? Where did you lose your ability to express things, that repulsive brat..!!” She is surprised to hear some laughter and looks out the window to see Kido with friends. Her pressure level goes down to low. She recalls Shou asking her if she still likes the captain. Holding her chest, Yuki thinks that kind of thing, even if she used her brain to think about it, she also couldn’t know it. During practice, Kido and the other third years come to check on them. They say that the others are seriously practicing and they’ve come to play as their opponents. Two-tone haired second year guy asks how come they came. Kido says that they think that since their numbers suddenly decrease they would be lonely. Kido apologizes to Yuki as the manager for suddenly coming without invitation. Yuki says that it is alright for anyway, everyone is happy. Shou is watching them. Light haired third year put his arm around Shou and asks how his foot. Shou darkly asks how come they came here. Light haired guy says that he is still that not cute and darn, is he telling them to quickly leave. Yuki says that practice time is over so how about starting on a 3 on 3 right now. Kido says okay, this time it is second year vs third year. Two toned haired guy exclaims that he doesn’t want that for the senpai-s won’t be lenient with them. “Ah, could it be that you want to viciously defeat us so that you’re going to rant about cleaning us out.” Kido winks and says a little bit. Two toned hair says that he’s awful. Yuki calls for three second years to come. Going in between Kido and Yuki, Shou says, yes, he’s in. Kido laughs and asks what’s with Shou for it is rare for him to be enthusiastic. Yuki says that he is a first year and his foot isn’t well yet. Shou says that it already doesn’t completely hurt. “..So, *whispers to Yuki* if I win, you’ll go on a date with me next time, okay?” Surprised Yuki shouts, “Da..” Stretching Kido asks what it is. Yuki says that it is nothing. Yuki couldn’t believe it. She wonders if this is some kind of joke that he’ll unexpectedly deciding that on his own. Abe says that it is third years vs second years + Shou, game starts.

Yuki decides to let it go for it ought to be no problem at all. “The opponent is the third years. Even if it’s Naruse, they shouldn’t be able to easily win.. *Shou catches the ball and shoots* Should.. *Shou shoots the ball again* not win.. *and another shot by Shou* Shouldn’t win-- *nervous*” And, the second years win by 29 points vs the third year’s 25 points. Second years cheer while light haired guy exclaims that Shou’s foot is already okay. <- third year who went a bit easy on them. Shou says that didn’t he say that it doesn’t hurt anymore. Yuki couldn’t believe that idiot won and he told her that they are going on a date if he won. She nervously says no, that’s not right, she didn’t agree to it, and that guy just decided on it on his own. Her thoughts are interrupted when Kido’s girlfriend asks her if the ‘3 something 3’ is already over. Kido calls out to her as Lena [guesswork name from 莉娜]. He asks if she just arrive and it’s great that she didn’t get to see him lose. Lena laughs over it. Yuki nervously thinks that it is forming like a strange love triangle. Kido introduces to Yuki Lena and apologizes for not introducing her and just casually keep on talking. The girls introduce each other. Lena says that she knows her, since she’s the flashiest in the game [before] and she’s amazing for she’s the only one acting as manager for the club, and could it be that there is someone she likes here. Yuki thinks that is the no. 1 topic that she wants to avoid. Kido says no, Yuki isn’t that kind of flirty girl, isn’t that right. Yuki just agrees. Reminding herself that didn’t she decided not to have that kind of thinking towards Kido, Yuki tells Kido that his girlfriend is very cute. Lena says that Yuki’s very beautiful. Yuki keep telling herself that she can do this, normal conversation, normal expression, if she doesn’t. She is starting to look sad when Shou, who is watching them, goes to her and says, “Yuki-senpai, I won so let’s go on a date.” He pulls her arm and leads her away. Yuki goes from surprised to shock. She says that didn’t he say next time, and also.. Shou says that in the end, he wants to do it now. Kido and Lena are puzzled as Shou drags Yuki who thinks that Shou is quite headstrong. Soon, they are at an amusement game center. Yuki thinks that it is noisy to death. Yuki tells him that if he only wants to play then go with his friends. Shou asks her if she isn’t into games. She darkly tells him to listen to what she’s saying. “By the way, you suddenly dragged me out here and I haven’t tidy things up and write the journal.” Shou says that it is alright, she can do it tomorrow. Yuki angrily says that it is no good.

She is surprised when he suddenly gives her a toy gun to a zombie shooting game. She says, wait, no good, she cannot do this for she hasn’t played it before. Shou asks if that is for real. Yuki says wait a minute, what is this, wait..what..what.. She is shooting with the gun on top of her head and shouting that it is scary. Playing the UFO catcher, Yuki shouts directions to that it is on the right side, a fist, and two little fingers, and add 3 thumb distance from the left to the right side. Shou says that he doesn’t understand what she’s saying. Playing a racing game, Yuki asks if she’s first place. Shou says no, she’s going the opposite way. Then, at a huge prize UFO catcher, Yuki manages to get something huge which doesn’t seem cute at all. Narration: “Why am I with this kind of person in this kind of place. Ah ah, so noisy to death. Commotion. Chaos. Continuous noise. The more I don’t understand in the end, what I’m thinking. In the end, what am I irritated about. What am I confused about..” Yuki throws a ball into a board with numbers. Carrying a huge veinpopped gorilla doll that Yuki won, Shou says that it should be a bit lower. Holding the ball, Yuki tells him that he’s annoying to death, this is very hard. Shou says that this is the last ball and she didn’t get a single one until now. Yuki shouts that he’s noisy to death, let her concentrate. Yuki aims and throws the ball. It hits the number 5. This surprises Yuki that she grabs Shou’s sleeve and says, “Naruse, did you just see..” Pause. Shou glances and smiles. Yuki wonders why it is like this. Recovering her ego, she thinks that she is fooled again for she got overly excited and lately, she lost her own tempo. Shou gives her a drink. She says thanks. He asks her if she has calmed down. This puzzles her. He says that just now at the gym, wasn’t she very fretful and uneasy. Yuki wonders what nonsense he is talking about then, she recalls that he said next time but he dragged her away at that time *when talking with Kido and his girlfriend*, saying he wants it now. “Ah..that is-- Could it be--..” Then ponytailed girl, together with black haired girl and a guy, sees them. Ponytailed girl says that isn’t it Naruse, and how come he isn’t answering the phone when they kept on calling him. Black haired girl says that didn’t he really hate noisy places. Yuki asks is that so. Drinking a canned drink, Yuki says that it is limited only for today’s special situation. Putting her hand on Shou’s shoulder, pony tailed girl exclaims what, no way, it’s a date and it’s even with a senpai. Grabbing Yuki’s hand, Shou says that she’s [ponytailed girl] really noisy to death. “Let’s go, senpai.” While he pulls her along, Yuki asks why he brought her to this kind of place. Shou says who knows, it is just at random. She asks doesn’t he like this place. Shou replies, “Yup. I’m only thinking that senpai ought to find it interesting, and that’s all there is to it.”

Yuki’s heart beats loudly. She thinks, “For me..? –I always *recalls his confession* thought you are just joking, that’s all. But, could it No, this is Naruse.” Shou’s cellphone is ringing that he complains over these people talking endlessly. While Shou is tinkering with his cellphone, Yuki notices a photo sticker of ponytailed girl and wavy-haired girl flashing v-signs at the back of Shou’s cellphone. She stares at it that Shou tells her that those girls stick that without permission and he couldn’t take it off for it seems that they’ve used glue. Yuki says that it is that [pony tailed] girl a while ago who is always with him. Shou says yes, they are from the same junior high. Shivering, Shou asks isn’t she cold. Yuki thinks, “‘Sincere’ already have so many cute girls at your side, why do you specially go to me? Kissing up to that degree, you definitely also did that with them, right.. Besides, you basically don’t have a reason to like me. ‘Sincere’? No way. No way. No way. No way.” At the gym, Shou says, “Yuki-senpai. It’s very cold. Want to go home. The gorilla is very heavy.” Inside, Yuki tells him not to talk too much, he’s noisy to death. “Didn’t I tell you that there’s no need for you to come, too. Ah ah, in the end, there is a ball left that isn’t tidied up. The journal is messed up.” Shou says what about it, regarding the journal, just write it tomorrow. Shou is shivering since he is weak against cold. Yuki says that if she doesn’t write it today then it won’t be called a journal. Shou mutters that it’s annoying to death. He watches her saying that this page and that page, what to do, it’s too dark. Shou says, “Senpai, go steady with me.” Yuki freezes and drops her journal on the floor. Shou is already hugging her from behind. Yuki says, “..Hey, let go.” Shou says, “Like. Like you the most.” Yuki is surprised when he hugs her tighter. Yuki shouts that she knows already. Shou says that she doesn’t know. Yuki sternly says that she said that she knows. Shou says, “Don’t lie to me. Properly understand it again. *Yuki’s heart is beating loudly* Do not say on your own that I’m pulling a prank on you. Touching you as one pleases. One’s heart doesn’t beat continuously-something. Obviously you don’t understand me. Don’t say things on your own.” Yuki says, “ Naru.. (Ah.. I’m sorry, Naruse. This time I’m truly sorry. If you were seriously confessing, I would have seriously answered you. Calmer and more like a senpai.) Naruse (In short, calmly) *blushing red and nervous* I’ll properly think about it so you slow down first, okay!!! {Down first okay..First okay.. okay..} <- echo [at the gym] Shou looks startled and speechless. He says, “..senpai’s expression..” Yuki asks what? Shou says nothing at all. Narration: “Calmly..”


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