This is Chapter 25 of the manga series, Namaikizakari.

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Its the second day of the training camp and Yuki doesn't want no trouble in the second day too. But incident occurred at the morning of the day. Sakuraba Shikanosuke of Class C from the Cheering Squad came to the camp and wants to stay there. When he saw Himeno he confessed to her and said her to go out with him. He came to the camp because when he heard Himeno was going to stay for three nights and four days with the boys of the team he couldn't help himself.

As he was always standing in the shadows, the boys found it disturbing. Miyoshi Sensei failed to convince him to go home. The boys were really irritated of him and they wanted Naruse to pretend as Himeno-san's boyfriend. Yuki took the responsibility of making him go home. While Sakuraba-kun asked Himeno-san why does she not like him? Yuki came and told him to go home as both Himeno and the team didn't come here to joke around. He became angry and asked that is his feelings towards Himeno-san is a game? She replied that if his feelings are not a game obviously he would have thought of her sake and not instead of his own. They were on the verge of fighting when all of sudden Naruse came in between Yuki and said him to give up and go home because Himeno was going out with him. Naruse grabbed Himeno's wrist and took her with him. Sakuraba became teary-eyed while Yuki thought what a stupid thing Naruse was doing.

Himeno-san started to apologize to Naruse when he interrupted and said that instead of being sorry she needs to do things on her own or was she thinking that Yuki will always come and save her? Himeno answered sahkily that Naruse plays basketball and he's always the center of everything. He can tell anything he wants to people no matter what. There's always weak people who can't express their feelings and be strong like Naruse. Naruse replied that she's scared of expressing her feelings and no one can never understand this kind of people. After that Naruse walked away leaving Himeno alone.

When it was noon, Abe-kun asked where is Sakuraba. One of the boys said that they didn't saw him at the break. So they all assumed he gave up and went home. While in the laundry room, Yuki thought about Himeno. She felt that Himeno was down after the break. All of sudden she started imagining whether Naruse said anything weird. A image popped in her head of him asking Himeno to go out for real.


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