This is Chapter 3 from the manga series, Namaikizakari.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Narration: “Unruly, shameless, extremely repulsive, arrogant and conceited- A guy younger than me. *Shou hugged her and said that he likes her, likes her the most* I couldn’t believe it.” Tonomura asks Yuki about having a Christmas party for the whole basketball club members to participate on Christmas eve, the 24th. Yuki asks if just because he became the new captain, he was so happy that it got into his head. Tonomura says that it isn’t him but rather the first years who suddenly proposed it. He points to the first years by the door who are asking if they can since they don’t have girlfriends and they are very lonely on Christmas. Tonomura says that they told him that she seems to easily get angry so they are asking him to ask her about it. “Just look at those puppy eyes.” Yuki agrees to it and she’ll find a cheap place to do it. The first years are thanking Tonomura for they find Yuki very scary. Tonomura says that he is also a bit scared of her. Yuki is already thinking about checking out the restaurants on her way home and tomorrow, she’ll ask who is going to go. Shou suddenly puts his chin on her left shoulder and says, “Yuki-senpai, do you have THAT ANSWER?” Yuki freaks out that she backs away and hits her head on the door. Thud. She tells him to please talk normally. While the others are wondering what that thud is and if it is thunder, Shou casually says that he is talking normally like before. Aghast Yuki nervously thinks that this brat is truly extremely repulsive. Narration: “A few days ago, after Naruse revealed his feelings, I’ve become a bit strange. *He asked her to go steady with him* And because it is the first time in my life that someone would confess to me, *Yuki shouted that she’ll properly think about it* I was quite shocked that it came out like that, those irresponsible words- Think about what.. a year younger? Naruse? No no no no, obviously I should have rejected him earlier on but upon seeing him, I became like that- *like that=backing away from Shou* I already don’t know what’s the best thing to do.”

Kido and Lena learned from Yuki about the Christmas party. Lena is quite interested in it. Kido asks if it is okay if they participate when they already retired. Yuki tells him that this is also the third year’s farewell party so Kido and Lena are invited. Lena is delighted that she’s invited that she happily hugs Yuki. While thinking that next is section 4’s Tanabe [guesswork from 田邊], Yuki writes down on her clipboard that Kido and Lena are joining. Kido asks if Yuki is planning to go to all the third year’s classes since there are a lot of basketball club members. He offers to help her in asking the third years. Thinking that the third years are exam students [for college, etc], Yuki declines his help. Kido says okay then. He pats Yuki’s head and tells her not to force herself. From above, Shou, who is with his friends, sees this. Yuki wonders if she still likes Kido-senpai. “I don’t know..” During club activity, the guys are amazed over the list that Yuki made regarding the inexpensive restaurants that takes reservation for a large group of people. Holding a sheet of stickers, Yuki tells them to please put stickers on the restaurants that they want to go. The guys calls her ‘Onee[big sister]-sama’ for there is Japanese, Western, Chinese, teppan [grill], hot pot, there’s everything and she did all this in one day. Someone exclaims that he wants to eat cake. Yuki says that she already reserved a Yule Log cake. They shout, ‘Onee-sama’ again and wonder if they can bring the cake in. Yuki tells them she had already informed the restaurants about it and it is already settled. “Onee-sama!” Tonomura tells her that it seems that cold spray [for injuries] is very good. Yuki says that she’s going to buy more of it. [<- I don’t know if it is a typo but she actually said that ‘she already bought it’ but later on, she still went to buy it so if it isn’t a typo, maybe Yuki went to buy some more of it.] Narration: “..No. There are still things that I have to do- Right now isn’t the time to be afraid of Naruse.” After club activity, Yuki looks at her cellphone and it is already 6:30pm.

Heading to the club room, she thinks that on the way home, she is going to drop by the sports goods store and buy the spray. Then, she recalls that she still has to prepare the third year’s colored paper [<- it is literally colored paper ^^;]. She opens the door and is shock to see Shou lying on the floor with his bag as a pillow. She nervously thinks that she is shocked again. Looking close at him, she angrily wonders why he is sleeping in the clubroom. She contemplates whether to wake him up or not. Shou suddenly opens his eyes and darkly says, “You talked with the captain today.” Yuki backs to the wall again *thud* and scolds him to talk normally. Sitting up, Shou says that she lets the captain touch her head so why she does she has that kind of startled reaction when she’s near him. Yuki angrily shouts, ha! Thinking that it is because he is imagining things, Yuki apologizes and tells him that she is busy right now so he can go home first. He asks her what’s with that colored paper. Writing the name of Kido, Yuki tells him that she is going to give them to the third years during the Christmas party. Shou asks if she is going to stick pictures on them, how many are they. Yuki says 27. [<- she is most probably making a souvenir] Taking the pictures and the paper, Shou says that it is troublesome. Yuki angrily shouts for him not to tamper around with that and if he got nothing to do, quickly go home.. To her surprise, Shou is helping her paste the pictures. She asks him what he is doing. Shou tells her that it is quicker if two people are doing it. Yuki says that it isn’t that hard and she can do it alone. She got irritated when he calls her stupid. “I always think that side of you who won’t depend on anyone is quite foolish. But I also really like [it].. *Yuki looks surprised* -Yuki-senpai, *looks at her* if it is no, then say, no. I will like you more and more.” Yuki blushes. While her heart is beating, she wonders what to do for she couldn’t say no. If she couldn’t say no, quickly.. Just when Yuki is saying, “Ah..I..”, they were interrupted by a girl calling out to Shou.

Standing up and going to the balcony, Shou checks out who is shouting. Ponytailed girl, together with her friend, asks if he is really busy on the 24th. Shou says that he is, and she’s annoying to death. Irritated ponytailed girl shouts for him to just ignore that club activity and aren’t all of them guys. Yuki thinks that voice seems to be that girl who gets along with Shou. She thinks that Shou has a date on Christmas Eve, and he says that he likes her, but it isn’t like he would be disadvantaged [if she rejects him]. Yuki is nervous about what she’s thinking and dismisses it as nothing. While buying some more cold sprays at the sports goods store, Yuki thinks, “No matter how Naruse plans to treat that girl has nothing to do with me. How come lately it seems that I’m thinking there is..there isn’t.. –that’s right, this never happened until I’ve got involved with that guy. I’m not confused like this, nor being fool around like this. I should have controlled myself more.” [<- couldn’t endure and shouted, ‘Spank your butt’ in chapter 1] Then, she sees some wrist bands for Christmas gifts. She takes one and thinks that guy isn’t wearing this kind of thing. “It seems that it suits him.. *imagines Shou wearing a wristband* I’ve gone nuts.. *slams the wrist band back* Buying a gift, who am I planning to give it to. *aghast* This simply.. This simply is..” At a yakiniku restaurant, everyone pops their party poppers and screams, “Merry- Christmas- and also third years, good work-” While everyone are having fun and eating, Lena comments that the more guys are gathered together, the more idiotic they become. While nervously thinking that this isn’t the time to spend Christmas [<-not sure, probably thinking work related to the party or Shou], Yuki agrees and says that it’s quite baffling. Shou tells her that it is very bad that she has grilled the cucumber before eating it. Yuki nervously thinks whose fault is it that she became like this. Kido laughs and says that it is quite rare to see her lost in thought. He takes the cucumber. Yuki nervously says that it isn’t delicious. Lena tells her that it is okay for his taste is a bit weird.

Kido asks what is bothering Yuki but Yuki says that it is nothing. Shou just quietly watches them. Yuki reprimands herself not to be like that or else, she’ll trouble the others. Soon, they are going to play Osama/King’s Game [which is like Simon Says/ it is a party-dare game played using chopsticks with numbers.]. Holding a scepter, a guy shouts, “Okay, I’m the king- Number 2 and Number 10 kiss!!” While everyone is laughing, number 2 [chopstick] Abe shouts for him to quit kidding around. Tonomura has the number 10 chopstick. He stands up and pulls up his sleeve. Tonomura tells Abe, “Okay, here I come.” Abe shouts that he’s scary and why is he pulling up his sleeve. Shou comments if this is how the basketball team plays Osama Game. Yuki says who knows. The guy shouts, “Next, number 9, say out- who do you like!” Yuki is surprised that she is number 9. Someone calls out who it is and Yuki reluctantly says that it is her. While Lena is excited over this, Kido is nervously-shock. He goes to Yuki and whispers if she has someone she likes and if she has, it is okay not to say it. Yuki recalls Shou’s confessions. To everyone’s surprise, blushing Yuki nervously says, “” Everyone is shouting that she definitely has one and given the situation just now, could it be captain. Aghast Yuki denies it. They say that she’s lying. Flustered Yuki wonders whom she just thought of. While Shou is watching, his cellphone rings. It is a text message. Shou takes his things and says that he’s going to the toilet. A guy angrily shouts that he’s lying and he’s going to slip away to do something, right, you lewd brat. Yuki recalls ponytailed girl and wonders if Shou is going to see her. “Isn’t this good? Their relationship is quite good. And they go well with each other. It totally has nothing to do with me. *stands up* I..” Kido asks her what’s up. Yuki apologizes and says that she has something to do. Two-toned hair guy shouts if she has an arrangement with Shou so she’s slipping out, too. Flustered Yuki shouts, no, she is only going to patrol for a while. Everyone is stunned by that and wonders, patrol..?

While walking, Yuki thinks that it is no good, whether it is the others, Kido-senpai or younger by a year-something, whatever she thinks, she is already no good [/cannot stand it anymore]. Seeing Shou in front of her, Yuki hits a package on his head. Shou picks it up and wonders what it is. He looks back and asks Yuki if it is a Christmas gift. Breathing hard, Yuki denies it by telling him that it is just thanks for helping her with the colored paper. Shou asks why she is doing this kind of thing. Just when Yuki is shouting that she just said that it is only.., Shou says that didn’t she like Captain Kido. While Yuki is thinking no, Shou continues to say, “No matter how long I wait, Yuki-senpai still doesn’t think of me. If you still like that guy, it would be good to just tell me no.” As Shou turns to walk away, Yuki thinks, “That’s right. I only pretended not to see. Obviously, this is a simple answer that anyone would understand. I already really--” Yuki grabs the back of his coat and says, “..what you’ve said just now is totally wrong. So,. . . . . . do, do not go.” Shou smiles and hugs surprised Yuki tightly. While blushing Yuki tells him to wait, Shou says that he isn’t going anywhere. Yuki exclaims that just now, that text. Shou says that was his mother, asking if she has to leave food for him. Yuki angrily thinks that he deceived her again. Shou tells her, “..senpai, I want to kiss you. If you don’t want to, just say it.” Yuki says no. Shou says, “Ah, sorry, I can’t hear you.” To her surprise, he kisses her. Narration: “In the end, I should have properly thought about it more, because- this way, I would always be what this brat wished for-” Back in the restaurant, everyone welcomes Yuki back. They are surprise that she’s together with Shou. Yuki says that they bump into each other by chance. They ask how come Yuki’s face is really red what did Shou did to her. Shou says no, it is because the weather is quite cold. Yuki decides to change seats for she can no longer sit beside Shou. Spike hair guy asks isn’t that scarf, Shou’s. While thinking that she forgot, Yuki denies it and quickly removes the scarf. To her surprise, Shou sits down beside her and complains that he’s cold to death. Then, she blushes for Shou is holding her hand. While blushing Yuki looks away, Shou mutters, “Your hand is really cold.” Spike hair guy asks what. He says nothing. Narration: “But perhaps, I’m already no good. Perhaps it is already too late.”


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