This is Chapter 4 from the manga series, Namaikizakari.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Narration: “Ever since I was young, I don’t care about winning or losing. *Yuki’s siblings shout that she lost, carry me, carry me on your back and go around* When I was young, I grew up being tormented by my three younger brothers and a pair of younger sister twins. There are times when I’ll deliberately lose to them. *While Yuki pretended to be a horse, her younger sisters are sitting on her back. Her younger brothers are shouting that they also want to do that* -BUT- I absolutely won’t allow myself to lose in this current offensive-defensive thing.” Shou is on top of Yuki while Yuki uses her foot to get him off her. Shou says, “How come it is a no?” Yuki darkly asks, “‘How come it is a now’? Naruse, do you know what is TPO? #Time, Place, Occasion# Right now, we are in the middle of club activity and this is the gym.” Shou says that isn’t this, the storage room and no one will see them. The others are practicing outside. Yuki tells him that isn’t the problem here, she is telling him to concentrate on the club activity and she only came in here to get a chair. Shou says that it is because ever since that day, Christmas Party, she would always avoid him, and it is only during club activity when he can catch her. Yuki feels awkward and looks away. [Insert narration summary regarding what happened in the first three chapters.] Yuki thinks that she got careless and said some disastrous things [<- do not go] and right now, she simply wants to slap herself. While taking the chair, Yuki tells him to quickly get out or others would be suspicious. Shou tells her to say, you ‘like’ me. Yuki says that she won’t. He asks why. Turning to him, Yuki nervously says, “Because I don’t like you.” Unfazed Shou says, “HA?” It is the start of the third term. In her class, Yuki is reading about first aid for emergency. Infuriated Yuki thinks that she couldn’t concentrate on the club activity for that guy lost his head over happiness that he would unexpectedly dare push her down, and even if she thinks that he is a brat, but she really couldn’t do anything about him. Recalling him telling her that it is because she is avoiding him, Yuki darkly thinks that she isn’t avoiding him, she is only thinking of all sorts of things that she couldn’t keep herself calm. <- her hand being held by him, and she slightly held him back. Her classmate is startled when Yuki starts coughing out loud and wants to redo that.

Back in the gym, fangirls are screaming over Shou’s three point shoot. Then, Yuki becomes nervous upon noticing that Shou is wearing that wrist band she gave him. While telling herself to concentrate on the club and not mind that, spike guy accidentally elbows Abe on the face. Spike guy apologizes and asks if he is alright. Abe tries to say that he is alright but it REALLY HURTS. The others tell him to hold up his head since his nose is bleeding and someone hit his head. Yuki tells them to stop. She tells Abe not to hold up his head for it would be very dangerous if the blood flows backwards and they shouldn’t hit his head either. Holding Abe’s head, Yuki says that it should be 45 degree angle and this will stop the blood, and then, put some ice. Blushing Abe is holding a cloth on his nose. The others are screaming that Abe looks very happy and Yuki is an emergency [first aid] doctor. The coach says that in the end, Machii [町井] is quite dependable. Someone tells him that it is Machida. Two-toned guy says that Yuki is unfazed at all upon seeing blood and their basketballs and activity room are always very neat. Black haired guy blush and says that kind of perfect feeling, he would come to like.. And a basketball goes flying and hits him on the head. Black haired guy shouts at Shou that hurts and what the heck he is doing. Shou casually says that he made a mistake. Since he is a second year, black haired guy shouts what’s up with that ‘made a mistake’ that he would hold a ball and throw it to a senpai, he should first apologize. Shou looks thoughtful. At the clubroom, while sewing, Yuki thinks that actually at that moment [holding hands] she thought that it is already too late and perhaps, like that, she would be played around by Shou as he wishes. “That is what I thought at some corner of my heart, -but.” And, Yuki pricks her finger. While sucking her finger, Yuki angrily thinks that she is thinking of unnecessary things. While telling herself to concentrate, Yuki pricks her finger again when Shou suddenly flips through a book and asks if this strange book is hers –handling emergencies-, and doing this, she can be an emergency doctor, how scary. Yuki tells him not to recklessly rummage around in one’s bag. Shou says that he isn’t, and it fell out. “By the way, after work, let’s go home together.” Yuki asks why she must go home together with him. Shou replies, “Coz I’m scared.” Yuki angrily thinks that he is looking down on her.

While walking and some girls are commenting over how tall Shou is, Yuki asks her if she really, really, really don’t like him. Yuki tells him that he’s annoying for didn’t she tell him yesterday. Shou says that she obviously gave him a wrist band. She tells him that is a thank you gift. Shou says that she obviously say ‘don’t go anywhere’. Yuki says that she didn’t say it like that. Shou says that she obviously let him kiss her. Blushing Yuki turns to him and shouts that she said no, and he was the one who forcefully kissed her. Shou says that obviously it isn’t a ‘no’ expression. Yuki angrily shouts, Ha!? Thinking that she totally cannot bear it anymore, Yuki says that she is going to use this opportunity to tell him things clearly. “I won’t go steady with you.” Shou asks why. This surprises Yuki. He asks if it is because of that ‘TPO’ thing she said. Yuki says that is one reason. To her surprise, Shou says that isn’t his fault. “The person I like is beside me. *looks at hand* Wanting to touch her, isn’t that very natural?” Yuki shouts that is what a kid would say and besides, didn’t she tell him that she doesn’t like him.. She is surprised that Shou isn’t reacting. He is just quietly looking away. Yuki nervously wonders what’s up, say something, is he being difficult, depressed..? Then, she notices that he is staring at something below. She looks down and it turns out to be a porn magazine on the ground. This made Yuki blow her top that she asks if he’s listening. Snapping out of it, Shou asks what is it. Yuki says that she had enough, she’s going home. Yuki thinks that it is no good. When she has calmed down and searched through her heart *Yuki searching through a drawer and tossing out ‘noisy to death’, ‘stinky brat’, ‘loathe’, ‘angry’, ‘infuriated’*, she totally couldn’t find the feeling of liking Shou so in the end, this is her answer. At the gym, while Yuki is cleaning the basketballs, the others inform her that they couldn’t find the scorebook. Five guys are formally [seiza] kneeling to her and trembling as they apologize to her. Yuki asks how it happened. They say that during the break, everyone is looking at the scorebook.

Then, one of them shouted to look, the tennis girl’s skirt is being blown by the wind. The others shouted if that is for real. They were distracted for a moment then to their surprise, the scorebook is gone. The guys scream that they ask the others about it but they haven’t seen it, what to do for it might have been stolen. Yuki tells them to calm down for definitely, no one would steal that kind of thing. She tells them that she’ll first go to the clubroom to check it a bit [if it is there] and then, she’ll start looking nearby for it ought to be just thrown in some place. Preparing to leave, she tells them to go and practice. The guys shout, ‘Onee-sama’ so dependable!! Actually, Yuki is nervous for that important thing to be suddenly lost. She wonders if it is some prank that it was hidden or maybe it is thrown away. If it is the training practice plan, she can re-do that but the scorebook is a very important record. While looking around for it, she blames herself for she should have pay attention to this a bit for the things in the club are obviously her responsibility as manager and it is obviously her work. While holding an exam book, Kido asks Yuki what she is doing. Yuki is looking for the book in the trash can. Yuki casually greets him hello. Kido shouts that this isn’t the time to say hello, for what is it, is it about club activity and what is she looking for. Yuki is about to say score- but she decided not to being Kido would definitely offer to help her look for it, so, she casually tells him that it is nothing and wish him luck for the exams. Kido just says okay. Yuki recalls that she cannot be irresponsible for she became the manager because of an impure reason of ‘wanting to stay at Kido-senpai’s side’. Recalling how Shou is making her lose concentration, she thinks that in the end, Shou is just driving her around in circles. In the gym, Shou asks the others where Yuki is. Two-toned guy says that if he is talking about Manager Machida, she is looking for the scorebook which this guy *black haired guy* had lost. The black haired guy exclaims that it is bad and in the end, they should have searched together with her. Just when Yuki is outside the door, two toned guy says no, just leave it to Yuki, for that girl is very perfect that basically, she’ll find it in a while and if they go, they would be hindrance to her. The others agree for if it is her, it is definitely alright. This made Yuki tense that she has to quickly find it.

Then, Shou asks what he is talking about, for that girl isn’t a bit perfect at all. This surprises the others. While dribbling the ball, Shou says that she only looks perfect but probably, right now, she is rummaging around trash cans. Yuki angrily thinks, stinky brat, don’t say unnecessary words!! Shou says that the basketballs are always neat is because she is using her break time to wipe the balls. Destroyed things are returned to its original state is because she would stay over to repair it. She is lightning fast in first aid is because she is always studying. “..You guys, should thank her a bit even if I would do that.” The others start to say that they don’t want to be lectured by him and from the start, he is using a rude tone at them <- second year. Yuki turns around and wonders if Shou is an idiot. “This is something I decided for myself. There is no reason to be thanked by others. *recalls Shou telling the others that she isn’t a bit perfect at all* Why would he always step into the area that I do not want others to go into. Why--” Then, the coach calls out to her. Yuki says that he came today. The coach laughs and says that he stayed a bit at the coach room and look over this. He holds out to her the scorebook. He tells her that it is dropped in front of the gym door and he just went to take a look at it on his own. Later on, the black haired guy shouts that Yuki has found it. She tells him that the coach got it. Narration: “Why am I always seen through by that guy.” The next day, Yuki prepares to go to school. Her mother asks if she is already going so early again. Yuki says that before practice, she has to first dry mop [the gym]. Yuki thinks to forget it, no matter what, she only has to not get close to Shou for she doesn’t know what reckless thing he would say. She is surprised that the gym door is open. She wonders who came first. She is surprised to see the gym sparking clean and the sparkling guys greeting her a good morning. Startled, Yuki nervously greets back. Taking off her coat, she wonders why everyone is so early and did something bad happen. The guys are saying that there is still one guy who hasn’t arrived but someone says that it is okay, start. They shout, “One- Two- *bow* Manager Machida, always until now, thank you very much!!!”

Yuki is surprised and wonders what.. Just then, Shou arrives and says, ‘mornin’. The others shout that it isn’t ‘mornin’ and greet properly, also he would unexpectedly come late. Yuki nervously asks what’s going on. Everyone sparklingly says that in order to express their appreciation, they came earlier than her today to dry mop the place. “And also, this..! *gives her a small box* We used the club money to buy a gift.” Yuki opens the box and wonders why it is a pink whistle and they used club money for it. Yuki says, “, from today on, you guys are forbidden to use your energy to do this kind of thing. *cold as ice and everyone is frozen* In order to practice, you guys have to properly sleep and properly eat. This is the work of the club members and this [whistle] even used a bit of club money. Pfft! Start the warm up!” The guys quickly did as ordered and wonder if they provoked her to anger. Yuki thinks that after she gets the basketballs ready, she’ll change her clothes. She thinks that it is all because that idiot said those strange stuff <- Shou telling them to thank Yuki. In the storage room, Yuki looks at the whistle. Recalling how they thanked her, she wipes a tear and thinks that there is absolutely no need for two whistles. Standing beside her, Shou looks at her and asks if she’s crying. Yuki is shock that he is there. She angrily says that she isn’t crying. He says that her nose is red. She says that it isn’t red, okay, quickly go to practice. Shou leans down to her and says, “Senpai, next time, I’ll definitely make you say ‘like’ me.” Surprised Yuki says, “Wait..*low voice* the door..” Shou asks if the door is closed, it is okay. Yuki nervously whispers no, she is saying that he quickly go out.. Holding her face to him, Shou leans closer to her. Yuki blushes and thinks that she’ll be kissed. She closes her eyes. Shou gives her a headbutt. While Yuki is speechless and puzzled, Shou prepares to leave. He says, “Okay, you’ve closed your eyes-- I already won.” Blushing red, Yuki angrily shouts, ‘Eh-’ Narration: “I still haven’t lost to you!!! *nervous* Why did I close my eyes.. Why did I close my eyes just now..!!”


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