This is Chapter 5 from the manga series, Namaikizakari.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Narration: “After college entrance exams had ended, Kido-senpai came to the basketball club to play.” Holding the basketball, smiling Kido says, “Chocolate? Ah, I probably won’t get one. I was dumped yesterday by my girlfriend.” Narration: “—he had unexpectedly said that kind of words.” Everyone freezes and says, “Eh. *shouts* EH--” There is no visible intense reaction from Yuki and Shou. Narration: “February is the season when the school becomes fidgety and frenzied-” While walking to school, Yuki thinks, “Break up.. ..yes, after going steady, in the end, there are a lot of problems that will be encountered.. Obviously, Kido-senpai and Lena-senpai were quite intimate...” Holding her cellphone, a girl says that this is bad, her cellphone will be dead soon. Suddenly, sparkling spike guy appears and says, “I have a battery charger..want to use it? *holds a charger to the girl* Ah, I’m basketball club’s second year Shouji [guesswork from 莊司].” Beside him, serious Abe says, “I’m basketball club’s first year, Abe.” Light haired guy says, “I’m also first year, I’m Hatori [guesswork from 羽鳥].. *sees Yuki* Ah.” Sparkling Abe and Hatori go to Yuki and greet her a good morning. While Yuki wonders if they are tired because their eyebags are quite serious, Shouji coughs and asks if she knows what date is it today. Yuki says that it is Feb 10th. Shou says, “Yuki-senpai, *yawns* will you make choco for me on V-day?” The three were aghast that they mentally tell him to play it down, you brat, yawning while talking, you’re really..!!! Narration: “Next week is Valentine’s Day..” Yuki tells them that she won’t be making chocolates, but she’ll buy some, after all, everyone has always been striving hard. [<- friend/ giri choco are usually store bought] The three guys sparkle over this. While running away, the three shouts, “One chocolate guaranteed!! Even if it is like a neighborhood granny giving out chocolates for Valentines’ Day that it is almost not considered as chocolate but, it is one chocolate for sure! Let’s go! Go fight for that valuable one!!”

At the shoe lockers, Yuki watches them and wonders what’s up with that enthusiasm. She is startled when Shou appears beside her and says, “Choco. *pause* You’re also giving one to Captain Kido, right?” Thinking that she’s going to give to OB [Old Boy; senpais who had retired from the club] and the coach, puzzled Yuki says that she will. Shou uses his knee to hit the back of Yuki’s knee causing her to sit down on the floor. He walks away while saying, “How infuriating.” After looking stunned by that, Yuki angrily thinks that is her line, and what that was just now. “Forget it..I admit it. Even if I kept on being annoyed, I have no choice but to admit it.. Lately, I really excessively pay attention to Naruse that things had become a bit annoying. –but, no matter how I think of it, this isn’t ‘like’[/love].” At the outer corridor, Kido is staring at his cellphone with a picture of himself and Lena during happier times. Then, he got hit by a 1-C trash bin on the head. Shou apologizes for it. Kido exclaims that hurts and it’s Shou, how come he didn’t go to the club. Shou says that today is a rest day but then, he is in charge with throwing the class’ trash. “ the way, captain, why were you dumped?” While trembling over the blunt question, Kido nervously says is because of some nonsense little thing. “ can I say it.. *puts head between arms* ..there are times when girls are unfathomable[/difficult to understand].” While playing with the trash bin, Shou says ah. Aghast Kido says that he got tired by it [topic] too quickly and wasn’t he the one who asked him. Shou recalls how Yuki told him not to go and then says that she doesn’t like him. Shou mutters, “..ya, truly unfathomable.” At the chocolate store, Yuki thinks that this year, she is going to give to the club members and the OBs a huge box of assorted ones, then buy a small box of unsweetened one for the coach, afterwards, for her younger brothers.. Then, she sees a display for handmade chocolates. She immediately recalls Shou asking if she’ll make choco for him. The other girls are surprised when Yuki hits her head on the pillar post. She thinks, “Am I an idiot? How can I let treat Naruse’s joke as something for real!! If I just easily make him a handmade chocolate, something strange would definitely happen. And, it also would definitely repeat that disastrous Christmas mistake..”

Her thoughts are interrupted by Lena who happily greets her. Lena asks Yuki if she is also buying chocolates. Yuki says no, for today, she is only looking around. “..senpai, you’ve already bought one.” Lena says yes, she bought a box. Looking at the sparkling bag that Lena is carrying, Yuki thinks, “..a box.. Huh? But.. she already ‘break up’ with Kido-senpai..” At a diner, Lena tells Yuki that yes, yes, she already heard from Kido, they quarreled the day before yesterday. Looking at the sundae, pancake, steak, noodles, cheesecake, etc that Lena ordered, Yuki drinks her beverage and comments if Lena eats a lot. Lena is puzzled that she offers Yuki to also eat and don’t be shy. Yuki declines. Yuki asks for them to quarrel that it would lead to a break up, what had happened. Lena says that they promised to send a good night text every night and he unexpectedly forgot. Yuki nervously asks, “What?” She couldn’t believe that they break up for that reason. Lena laughs and says that isn’t it quite nonsense. “..I obviously know but the more I like him, the more I couldn’t be satisfied.” This made Yuki think that actually, Lena doesn’t want to break up with Kido. Lena says, “In passing, do you have someone you care about [/thinking about]?” Swatting some imaginary Shou mosquito, Yuki says no, none, totally none. Looking somewhat flustered, Yuki thinks no, that’s not right..that guy. Yuki tells Lena that guy is very annoying. “When I have to concentrate my energy, he would definitely disturb me. ..even if he’s at my side, I only feel angry, shocked and annoyed, that’s all. (--yes, since that Christmas night, I’ve searched my heart so many times.) No matter how much I’ve ponder over it.. it is impossible that it is ‘like’ towards him..” Lena says, “..Machida-chan, continually, repeatedly, pondering over that feeling towards him- This is already considered, ‘like’, isn’t it so?” Yuki looks surprised then she looks serious again upon hearing Shou calling out her name. Her heart is beating fast. She turns around to see him with Kido. Kido and Lena are surprised to see each other. Shou quickly sits beside Yuki. Yuki angrily whispers what he is doing here. Shou says that captain told him, ‘I’ll treat you, listen to my complaints’.

Yuki nervously says it isn’t that for she’s saying that Kido has turned into stone. Shou says that’s bad, he just noticed it now. Yuki angrily whispers, you stinky brat..! Kido nervously asks Lena if he can sit beside her. Smiling Lena says, sure, Kido-CLASSMATE. While Yuki and Kido think that Lena is angry, Shou hardly noticed that and tells Lena that she eats quite a lot. Lena tells him that she hasn’t started eating some of these yet. “So, first year-kouhai, and Kido-classmate, let’s eat together♡ *pointing the fork at Kido* Here, the fork.” Kido is freaking out over how she is passing the fork to him. Holding her hand, Kido tells her to stop, don’t overdo it, in the end, breaking up like this is very strange, that ‘sending text’. “It’s such a nonsense small thing so don’t dwell on it.” Kido calls her name since she isn’t reacting. Lena says, “Kido-kun, obviously you’ve promised me.. *flashback: Lena asked how about a good night text, and if it is Kido, he’ll definitely forget it~~ Holding her hands, Kido said that he absolutely won’t forget. Lena said that if he forgets, then it is okay for her to scold him #censored# jerk. End flashback* Even if it is nonsense, *teary-eyed* but, it is also very important..” Kido mutters her name. Lena runs off and shouts, “Kido-kun, you’re such a #censored# jerk-!” Shocked Kido calls out to her. Shou says that he made her cry. Kido nervously tells the two that he’ll go out for a while. Recalling what Lena told her about it being nonsense but she the more she couldn’t satisfied, Yuki calls out to Kido and tells him that Lena forgot this. Holding the sparkling bag, she says that it is probably chocolate. “Probably, it is chocolate for you, Kido-senpai.” While Shou glances at her, Yuki thinks, “Ah, it truly is. Quite nonsense. Whether it is Naruse, or Kido-senpai, Or Lena-senpai.. or Me.” Outside, Kido calls out to Lena. Lena stops. Kido nervously apologizes. Holding up the bag, he says, also this.. “On Valentines’ Day, give it to me, okay..” Lena nods. Narration: “-But, it’s great..” In the crowded train, Shou asks if it is truly okay. Yuki glances at Shou who is fiddling with his cellphone. She asks what, and is he going to ride this train. He says that he can also go home on this train. “Captain and his girlfriend, wouldn’t it be better if they don’t reconcile?” Yuki asks ha, what he is talking about...

Then, she recalls Shou asking her if she is going to give chocolate to Kido and his ‘how infuriating’ comment. Yuki wonders if he’s an idiot, how come he is silently jealous all by himself. She nervously tells him about the chocolate. Shou says about that, in the end, he doesn’t want it. She darkly asks, ‘ha?’ Shou tells her, “Even if I got senpai’s choco, because it’s too precious, it is possible that I’ll be reluctant to eat it--” This surprises Yuki. There is an announcement that there would be some shaking ahead so please pay attention to safety. Shou is in front of her while holding the closed door to balance himself. She looks at him and he says that it’s so hot. Blushing Yuki thinks that it is so hot and so close!!! She tells him to move away a bit. He says no can do. She says too close. He says of course, right now, it is fully packed. Yuki thinks that is right, it is a fully packed train so why is she panicking. “Naruse is only a tall built kouhai, right. Yes.” Then, she recalls Lena asking her that for her to keep on pondering over that feeling toward that person, isn’t it--- Yuki seriously tells Shou, “..I I have to get off the train.” Shou asks how come she is using polite language and what this station is. While struggling to get off, Yuki says, “It’s because I have to switch trains. I’m sorry but I have to get off the train. <- Yuki is using polite language all throughout here. Shou just watches her leave. As Yuki gets of the train and rides another one, she thinks, “In the end, I shouldn’t have listened to Lena-senpai saying those words. ‘This is already considered, ‘like’, isn’t it so?’ I don’t want to know. I don’t want to find out. Always want to ‘no..there’s nothing’ and continuously cover it up- *blushing and tense* I want to forever not admitting it like this.” There was an announcement that this is a limited express train. [<-use better coaches, travel faster and stop at fewer stations = more expensive. Source: wiki] Crouching near the seats, she wonders why she is on the limited express train. Blurb: “Cannot cover up, Cannot hide. Valentines’ Day is coming soon..!!”


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