This is Chapter 6 from the manga series, Namaikizakari.

Chapter SummaryEdit

Cover page: “It’s Valentine’s Day. Starting yesterday, Yuki is acting a bit strange.. Chocolate, to give or not to give him!?” Flashback: While Yuki’s siblings are screaming, kicking and pulling her hair, Yuki asked, “Mama, what is ‘Valentines Day’ all about?” Her mother said that Valentines’ day is the day when a girl gives chocolate to the person she likes.” End flashback. Narration: “Then, I think in the future, I will give chocolate to someone more mature than me. A guy who possess a tolerant and big-hearted..” A dark haired guy says, “Chocolate? For me?” Then, it becomes Shou who says, “Yuki-senpai, in the end, you like me.” Thud. Blushing Yuki has fallen on the floor from her bed. She thinks, “It’s...a dream.. *nervous* What to do. What to do.. Obviously, it shouldn’t become like this--” At the gym, ponytail girl and friend hold out chocolates to Shou and says Vday chocolates, for you♡ While tying his shoes, Shou tells them to leave it at the side. Ponytailed girl angrily asks what’s up with that attitude when it wasn’t easy for them to wake up so early in the morning for his morning practice. He tells her, “I didn’t.. achoo.. asked you to.” Fangirls say that he’s so cute when sneezing and did he catch a cold from yesterday’s snow, so how about tasting this since it can treat his illness. From behind the gym door, Shouji and others are burning in jealousy. While holding the ball, Shouji curses for it is a happy Vday for Shou and he really wants to slam dunk the ball on Shou’s head. Hatori says that Shou was already given 5 chocolates this morning and they still weren’t able to get a single one. Black haired guy calls him stupid, what nonsense he is talking about, they still have manager Yuki’s chocolate. While bring out the flip scoreboard, Yuki tells them that she’ll give it during the afternoon practice, and she bought a 30 mixed chocolates in one box so each of them has one. The guy exclaims that is too sociable. [<- ? probably because they are sharing a box of chocolates] Yuki is startled when Shou appears in front of her and tells her that he is going to get a jacket in the activity room since it is quite cold. She nervously tells him to go ahead. While turning away from him, she thinks that these past few days she learned of a disastrous truth.

She recalls Lena telling her that it is love if she kept on thinking over what is that feeling she has for that person. Yuki thinks that even if the situation varies from person to person, perhaps, she only coincidentally has that kind of expression. “But, I’ve become ‘aware’..” Shou notices her blushing face and neck. He suddenly grabs her wrist and tells her to come along for a while. Yuki protests but couldn’t do anything about it. In the clubroom, Shou tells her that she’s acting strange since that train ride when they went home. Looking away, aghast Yuki says that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He tells her that just now, she was startled. She denies it. He insists she was. She denies it again and angrily tells him not to casually pull her into the club room for it would be quite a hassle if other people misunderstood it. He tells her, “But, senpai, you’re really not going to give me chocolate?” Yuki screams in shock. She nervously says that didn’t he himself said, ‘there’s no need because I won’t eat it’. He tells her that in the end, everything that she gives him, he wants it all. Her heart beats loudly. Shou leans to kiss and she mutters, wait.. And, Shou quickly has to turn away to sneeze. She tells him to go back to practice. He tells her to wait, he came for his jacket. Narration: “I don’t know what the heck do I like about this stinky brat. That guy is way too headstrong.” While eating lunch with her friends, Yuki thinks that obviously he told her that there’s no need for chocolate why would he think that she has prepared chocolate for him as if it is inevitable. She recalls him telling her that he wants everything that she gives him. She wonders if she gives him chocolate, what kind of expression would he have. Imagination: “Shou says, “Chocolate? For me? *takes chocolate* I win.” To her friend’s shock, Yuki angrily stabs her fried breaded prawn with a fork. Her other friend looks out the window and says that the first years are having a snow fight. Dark haired friend says that they’re too silly for they would absolutely catch a cold. Yuki overhears someone calling out to Shou. While Shou is making a small snowman, Hatori goes to him and asks how many chocolates he got. Shou says that he doesn’t know. Abe[?] shouts that he doesn’t know or he meant that it is too many to count. He calls out for everyone to bury Shou in the snow. Yuki wonders what they are doing.

Then, Shou notices that Yuki is looking at him from the window. He sticks out his tongue and she mutters, “Idiot.” She wonders if he would be happy if she gives him chocolate. Soon, at the meeting room, the guys are excited over the box of chocolates that Yuki is going to give them. Yuki tells them that each person to get one chocolate and those who don’t like sweets, there are senbei [rice crackers]. She says that because of the snow today, the trains might be suspended so they don’t have club activity. She tells them to go home after getting their chocolates. The guys tearfully shout, ‘onee-sama’ and this way, they won’t go home empty-handed and this is way too sociable. While the other guys are rejoicing over their chocolates, Abe asks her if he can get Shou’s share and just give it to him tomorrow. Yuki is puzzled so he tells her that Shou already went home because it seems that, since this morning, he started to feel unwell and that idiot had a snow fight during lunch break so it seems that he had a fever. Yuki thinks that he unexpectedly went home when she hasn’t given him anything yet. She recalls the fangirls giving Shou chocolates. She thinks that he obviously got chocolates from other girls, and he obviously wanted her chocolate. Black haired guy angrily shouts if Shou isn’t around, then isn’t that good..they just play jankenpon [rock, paper, scissors game] to determine who gets Shou’s share, anyway, that guy got a lot. Just when Abe is agreeing to it, Yuki grabs the box and darkly says no, that guy’s share, she’s going to eat it up. This made the others apologize. When Yuki snaps out of it, she blushes upon recalling that he wants everything she gives him. She thinks, “Yes. Even if his mouth says those careless words, actually, anything will do. My chocolate. Yes. Ah ah, yes. As you wish, stinky brat.” In the Naruse residence, Shou is in bed when his dog is barking loudly. Shivering, he goes out the balcony and says that it is so noisy to death, what is it barking about.. And, he sees Yuki outside the gate. She is bending down while covering her face with her bag. Shou is speechless then says, “..Yuki-senpai?” Yuki nervously thinks that she is totally exposed when she obviously planned to leave the thing in the mailbox and just leave but darn..that guy unexpectedly has a dog. ..what to do.

Shou asks how come she knows his home address. She nervously tells him that didn’t he tell her on the way home before. Shou says is that so. “ the way, the chocolate?” This infuriates Yuki. She thinks, “Stinky...stinky brat.” She puts her hand in the bag and throws a small box to Shou. Shou catches it and says, “This isn’t chocolate.” It is cold medicine. He asks her what is this, and did she particularly come here to give the medicine to him. Yuki says yes, and is he that unsatisfied. While infuriated and bowing down, Yuki says, “Weren’t there people who give cake or perhaps cookies during Valentine’s Day.. It is also okay if it’s not chocolate, right.. Didn’t you say that you want whatever I give you so I came to give you medicine. ..I think *looks up to him and blushes* I think that you’ll be happy if I comd and give you [something] so what are you unsatisfied about?” Shou says, “..Yuki-senpai” She angrily shouts, “What.” He says, “Can I go over there and hug you?” Pause. Blushing Yuki looks down and says that she’ll let him for only 3 seconds. He says okay. Yuki recalls asking her mother what is Valentines’ day and her mother said that it is giving chocolate to the person one likes. Narration: “Like this, I want to give chocolate to this person..” Shou hugs her tight. Yuki starts the countdown, 1..2..3.. Shou says that it is like that Christmas time.. She is hitting his shoulder with her hand and shouts 3!, three seconds. He tells her, “Yuki-senpai, can I infect you?” Yuki asks what. He tells her, with cold. She exclaims, “Ha!? No. Absolutely not. No..” Shou gives her a kiss. Narration: “Absolutely no good. I thought that I won’t like him. *Shou accidentally touches her chest* Relentlessly escaping. Infuriated. Deceiving others to deceive oneself. Ignoring. But, it is already no good. I..” And, Shou is still kissing her that Yuki whacks him with her bag and shouts that she’ll really get infected. He says that hurts, and she should be happy to be infected by him. Turning to leave, she shouts if he is an idiot, an elementary kid. “Quickly go back to sleep.” He asks if she is going home. She shouts that she’s going home. Then, she stops walking, turns around and walks fast towards Shou. She shoves something in his pocket and shouts, “For you.” Then, she runs off while puzzled Shou looks what she put in his pocket. It is a piece of chocolate. Shou bends down and mutters, “Ah----so cute..” Narration: “I like Naruse.”


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