Himiko Himeno
姫野 妃美子 Himeno Himiko
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday December 30th
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 158 cm
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Student
New Manager
School Ryuhoku High
Team Ryuhoku Basketball Team
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 17

Himiko Himeno is a first-year who is signing up to be a new manager for Ryuhoku High's Basketball Team, replacing Yuki Machida after her graduation. She is in class B.


Himiko is a small girl with black hair tied in loose pigtails. She wears glasses.

Personality Edit

Himiko is very shy and has difficulties being social as she was often teased about her unique name, as well as the fact that she is an only child. However, she admires Yuki and wishes to be able to speak her mind like Yuki does.


Yuki MachidaEdit

After seeing the manager cheer her team on during their official match against Misuzu Academy, Himiko felt inspired by her senpai's presence and wished to be like her. This results in her signing up to be the team's new manager, and although she struggled to make a good impression, Yuki comforted her, advising to never say things like "I knew it, I'm no good" as she slowly but surely will get better.

Shou NaruseEdit

Shou seems to help Himiko a lot, from getting something off the shelf for her, to pretending to date her in order to get Sakuraba to leave her alone. He sometimes gives her blunt advice, to which she is thankful for, and even remarks how much she really is like Yuki.

Sakuraba ShikanosukeEdit

A member of the cheering team that developed a crush on Himiko after she tried helping him with his bloody nose. During their training camp, without any permission, Sakuraba appeared and confessed to Himiko, refusing to leave until he had a solid answer as to why she could not return the feelings. Even after being turned down, he continues to be overprotective of Himiko.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves the Beautiful Sentai Girls show and owns a collection of wands they use to transform
  • Her favourite colour is white
  • She dislikes cheese, crows and Naruse
  • She likes regular people but secretly gets excited when she sees muscular men