Rina Hashino
Rina namaikizakari 64752
橋野 リナ Hashino Rina
Gender Female
Age 18
Professional Status
Occupation Student
School Ryuhoku High
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Rina Hashino (橋野 リナ Hashino Rina) is Kido's girlfriend. Yuki Machida was jealous at her at the start because she was the one who stole Kido's heart.

Appearance Edit

Rina is described as very cute by a lot of people. She is slightly shorter than Yuki.

Relationships Edit

Kido Edit

Rina and Kido get into a relationship at the beginning of the manga, after he confesses to her. They break up after a small fight because he didn't text her good night like he promised, but quickly get back together with the help of Yuki.

Yuki Machida Edit

Although Yuki was jealous of her at the start as she also liked Kido, they later become friends. Rina sometimes gives Yuki relationship advice and helped Yuki to realise that her feelings towards Naruse were love.